Recall quite a long while prior when Samsung’s insane flimsy and light PCs surprised the world? They looked considerably more a la mode than the Apple MacBook Air and were 30% lighter (or more) than the youngster Windows Ultrabook rivalry. All things considered, the world got up to speed and there are a lot of gorgeous 13.3″ Ultrabooks available currently, complete with metal housings and fascinating plans. Ostensibly, Samsung’s structure is as yet one of the more appealing and costly to make with each one of those streaming lines and bends without a crease strange.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

Presently Samsung’s back and attempting to wow us again with a PC that is by and by 30% or lighter than the opposition, incredible looking and… for once in Samsung PC land, not uncontrollably costly. Truth be told, at $999 well prepared, it’s quite a decent arrangement. Even better, it is anything but a marginally underpowered Intel Core M like Samsung’s progressively costly 2015 ATIV Book 9.

The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop runs Windows 10 on the sixth era Intel Skylake Core i5-6200U CPU with 8 gigs of RAM and a 256 gig M.2 SSD. It weighs 1.85 lbs. (we should simply gather that together to a despite everything incredible 1.9 lbs.). It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, it weighs under two pounds, is clad in aluminum and magnesium amalgam and is a full 13.3″ PC, It weighs not exactly the 12″ Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Windows 10 tablet with its included console. In contrast to that Mac and the TabPro S, it’s not stayed with only one port either.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

It has a fair choice, alongside a generally excellent illuminated console, enormous trackpad, and enough torque to be your fundamental PC. The main thing missing is a touch screen, precluded here in light of the fact that those are thicker, heavier, and expend more force. At scarcely over a half-inch thick, something needs to give- – maybe battery life. Be that as it may, Samsung shocks us even there.

For the individuals who favor something bigger, there’s a 15″ model of the Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop (2.9 lbs.), and it sells for $1,199 with a Core i7. We’ll take a gander at both in our survey.

Ergonomics and Design 

The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop has the organization’s mark plan – if it’s as yet stunning, don’t transform it. The sides are level sliced and tighten to a scarcely there edge that is more slender than a pencil. Maybe as an admission to cost or weight, the sides aren’t exceptionally cleaned to an impeccable resemble Samsung’s other pricier Ultrabooks, and we miss that tasteful and eye-getting component. The whole packaging is done in a similar light silver that is less enlivened than Samsung’s typical blue-dark completion, however dissimilar to the inky blue-dark, it doesn’t show fingerprints.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

Regardless of the sharp eating regimen, the base has no flex. The main way we could instigate flex on the 13.3″ model was while applying a decent arrangement of strain to the solid Phillips head screws that hold the base spread on. They’re tight-fitting screws and require a lot of descending strain to unscrew without stripping the heads, and we could see the undercarriage twist a smidgen. That is not an ordinary use case be that as it may, and under typical use,  it doesn’t flex. The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop model’s base doesn’t flex on the off chance that you apply the equivalent close to the undue weight. In the event that you hold the presentation board and wind, there is some development, yet substantially less than the carbon fiber lidded Sony Vaio PCs of old and the LG Gram 15. The baseboard of the PC is sufficiently simple to evacuate once you unscrew those cozy Phillips head screws, and the board is slender and light aluminum. The PC, not the slightest bit feels fragile, however clearly to accomplish the fantastic lightweight, all boards must be more slender than normal.

It is anything but a ThinkPad that can deal with numerous drops to a hardwood floor, nor is it the dangerous unbending Katana that is the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Spin. The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop may endure somewhat unpleasant taking care of since it can flex a smidgen without breaking, however, I’d treat it with a little regard. The 15″ feels significantly progressively unbending and strong. Obviously, I’d approach most scratchpad with deference – they’re shopper gadgets, not yard trimmers.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

In spite of the extremely flimsy structure and Core i5 inside the 13″ and Core i7 in the Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop the PC is quite often quiet and never got hot on the base or top. Pleasant. That is unrealistic for a PC that weighs as meager and is nearly as slim as certain Windows tablets like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book clipboard area. The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop sound system down-terminating speakers are as pale as you’d expect, unfortunately. Volume is tolerable however sound sounds dainty and metallic. The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop speakers are noticeably stronger and more full, however, they’re not among the best in that size class.

 Ports and Upgrading Internals and Ports

Fortunately, this is a run of the mill Ultrabook with a removable baseboard. It may be as flimsy and light as a non-serviceable tablet, however, you can do fixes and overhauls. Should the battery need substitution a couple of years not far off, it tends to be finished. Slam is fastened ready and isn’t upgradable, which is run of the mill of Ultrabooks.

The SATA3 SSD is in an M.2 opening and can be overhauled. The Intel 8260 WiFi 802.11AC double band WiFi card with Bluetooth 4.1 is incorporated into the small motherboard on the two models as opposed to being socketed, so you can’t overhaul it (however it’s a decent remote card and is the most recent age from Intel, so there’s no need).

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

Ports are healthy for a 13.3″ PC this flimsy and light, however, some of them are smaller scale adaptations. There’s a miniaturized scale HDMI port (no space for a full-size port), a smaller scale VGA port (connector excluded), an extraordinary Ethernet port (connector is remembered for the case), 3.5mm combo sound, two USB 3.0 ports and shockingly, a full-size SD card opening under an entryway on the correct side/underside. That is an adequate assortment of ports to make this a principle PC or PC.

The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop has 2 USB 3.0 ports, and a USB-C 3.1 Gen. 1 port that can drive screens (HDMI 1.4 for 4K @30Hz and DisplayPort 1.2 for 4K @ 60Hz), Ethernet and in any event, charging. It has a full-size HDMI port, 3.5mm combo sound, a similar restrictive Gigabit Ethernet port with included dongle connector and a microSD card space (it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, the greater model has a littler card opening).

Display of NoteBook 9

Apologies, there’s no touch screen here since that includes thickness, weight, and cost. Fortunately, the 1920 x 1080 full HD PLS board on each model is astounding. Samsung says the 13.3″ is a 400 nit board, which is incredibly brilliant and well better than expected, however, we estimated it at a still generally excellent 350 nits (Samsung’s versatile showcase modes may influence this perusing).

The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop model in like manner estimated 350 nits. They speak to 99% of sRGB and 76% of Adobe RGB, making it a solid match for designs and video experts and serious with other $1,000 and higher PCs. We were unable to distinguish any PWM gleaming at lower splendor levels. They have a local white purpose of 7300K, which is over the perfect 6600K, but on the other hand, is common of workstations and isn’t excessively far off to be revised with alignment utilizing a colorimeter.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

Gamma is flawless at 2.2. Differentiation on the 13.3″ Notebook 9 is excellent at 900:1 with a dark degree of 0.39 at max splendor. The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop model had marginally higher 0.41 dark levels for a different proportion of 860:1. We’re satisfied with the different proportions since some PLS boards can be feeble on differentiating. PLS is like IPS as far as review edges, which are great.

In spite of the fact that the showcase is gleaming, reflections are almost missing. That is uncommon and joy here since we get the advantage of a reflexive board’s perceptual difference and shading enhancements without glare or undesirable reflections. Great job, Samsung!

Strength and Performance

Despite the fact that you may expect a Laptop this slender and light to likewise be light on execution, the 13.3″ has an Intel Skylake sixth era Core i5 timed. That is an unequivocal improvement over the Intel Core m5 in the pre-winter Samsung ATIV Book 9 Laptop. The Core i5 is a standard CPU that is completely equipped for dealing with normal remaining tasks at hand for school and work like MS Office, Photoshop, programming improvement for little to medium size projects, spilling video, and incidental full HD video altering.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop accompanies a Core i7-6500U, there’s no i7 choice for the 13.3″ model. All things considered, they’re both double center 15 watt CPUs with a similar design and Intel HD 520 illustrations, so the exhibition distinction is little.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

The machines have 8 gigs of RAM fastened ready, so it’s not upgradeable. Samsung sells the 13.3″ model with a 256 gig M.2 SSD (Liteon instead of Samsung’s own image), and our 15″ sent with a 256 gig Samsung Drive. Both utilize the SATA3 instead of the more up to date and quicker PCIe interface.

There is as of now only one 13.3″ and one 15″ setup accessible, as portrayed previously. In spite of the fact that specs experts may want for a PCIe SSD, in real genuine use, it’s difficult to see the contrast between SATA-3 and PCIe, and this is a $999 PC as opposed to a progressively costly one, so we’re fine with Samsung’s decision. The M.2 space is promptly available once you evacuate the base spread, should you wish to move up to a bigger SSD later.

Trackpad and Keyboard

Samsung’s an ace of the meager and light Laptop, and in spite of the unbelievably dainty structure, the console doesn’t endure. Travel is better than average however not profound like a ThinkPad, material feel is heavenly and key damping and incitation power are great.

I’ve composed this long survey on the Laptop, and appreciated doing as such. Great job once more, Samsung. The dark keys give great differentiation and are anything but difficult to find in any light and the 13.3″ model’s multi-stage blue-green backdrop illumination is simpler on the eyes than white. You can set the console backdrop illumination break in Samsung’s setting application. Note that the 3.3″ model has an illuminated console however the 15″ doesn’t. Odd that the greater model needs backdrop illumination, as does the LG Gram 15.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

The huge Microsoft Precision trackpad is similarly astounding, as on different Laptops that utilization this trackpad. It tracks finger developments well indeed and supports fundamental motions like two-finger looking over and zooming. There are no all-inclusive settings nonetheless. All things considered, I’ll take a trackpad that works very well over component over-burden.


We don’t generally incorporate a remote segment except if something is especially positive or negative. In the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptops case, we noted WiFi association speed numbers were lower than normal (520-702 Mbps) on our system with Netgear Nighthawk 802.11ac switches.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

It has the strong Intel 8260 double band WiFi 802.11ac connector with a 2 x 2 radio wire, and in spite of the lower association speeds noted by Windows, throughput was equivalent to or better than Laptops that oversaw full 866 Mbps speed associations. It didn’t drop associations or get rowdy either, so we aren’t whining, yet rather taking note of the peculiarity.

Battery Life

This is the place we anticipated that the modest Laptops should fall on its razor dainty blade. Yet the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptops conveyed run of the mill Ultrabook runtimes of 7 to 7.5 hours with the normal efficiency and spilling video use.

We don’t have the foggiest idea how Samsung dealt with this with an Intel Core i5 and an exceptionally brilliant showcase, yet it unquestionably helps that it doesn’t have a force hungry overly high goal contact screen Samsung claims the 15″ can approach 12 hours on a charge, however that is hopeful. With brilliance at the half, while accomplishing efficiency work and gushing 1080p video, we arrived at the midpoint of a good 8 hours utilizing the default power the board set. For a PC this dainty and light, that is, in reality, amazing and it bulldozes the LG Gram 15.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

The laptop ships with a customarily planned, extremely minimal Laptop charger with a lot of string length to arrive at outlets. It connects to exceptionally little barrel connectors on the PC’s side. The greater model backings quick charging, a component that is gotten basic in telephones however we once in a while observe it in workstations other than some Lenovo ThinkPad models.

Final Conclusion about NoteBook 9

In case you’re in the market for the most slender and lightest Core i5 13″ Ultrabook you can get, purchase this. Truly. That is except if you need a touch screen. The Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop is the sort of advancement we like to see- – instead of including a lot of highlights that don’t improve registering or versatility tasteful plans and materials. There are sufficient ports to make this a handy fundamental machine, however, some require dongles or smaller scale links. In any case, the 12″ Apple MacBook has only ONE port and the Dell XPS 13 will send you on an occasionally baffling chase for the perfect USB-C connectors.

Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop  TheTechnologySale

The Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop display is standard in the US, and there are Ultrabooks, spending PCs with plastic housings and low-end CPUs, only a couple of convertibles and many quad-center machines with solidly committed illustrations. In this way, I can’t state that you should run out and purchase the 15″ Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop, since I don’t know which of those four sorts of PCs you’re in the market for. In the event that you do need an Ultrabook with a double center CPU and are searching for the lightest and slimmest PC you can get, by all methods the Samsung NoteBook 9 Laptop is a force to be reckoned with. The cost is sensible for what you get- – the LG Gram 15 likewise arranged other than a greater SSD, is $1,500.