Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14 conveys solid battery life, sharp visuals, and great ease of use at an honorably minimal effort.

Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14

Pros & Cons

Pros of ChromeBook
  • Shrewd design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fresh presentation
Cons of ChromeBook
  • Not actually smaller
  • Restricted network

Acer is one of not very many producers to completely grasp the magnificent universe of Chromebooks. These stripped-down, disentangled PCs utilize Google’s Chrome OS rather than Windows, with a greater amount of an accentuation on online work and play. What’s more, on account of Acer’s assortment, they arrive in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes to suit your very own needs. Sitting someplace in this range is the Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14.

At the point when Trusted Reviews got the 2017 form of the Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14, we discovered bounty to adore. Be that as it may, the small memory and low-res screen diminished an, in any case, extraordinary worth bundle. Fortunately, these issues have been tended to for the Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14 CB3-431-C5CQ, which duplicates the memory and flaunts a Full HD show for fresh visuals. So is this the perfect Chromebook and all-round compact buddy?

Structure and Design

The Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. can’t change into a tablet-like Acer’s Spin 11, in spite of the fact that I despise everything like that straightforward yet-smooth structure, particularly thinking about the low asking cost. There’s a whiff of Apple MacBook interpretations about this PC, despite the fact that it’s not exactly 33% of the cost. A brushed metal completion on the cover causes it to feel increasingly premium, and that aluminum composite suspension is strong all through. No flex focuses or off-kilter joins to discuss.

Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14

This is unquestionably one of the bigger Chromebooks we’ve tried out, despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly arrive at the mass and weight of the 15.6-inch Chromebook 15. I didn’t experience any difficulty slipping the Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. into my rucksack, however, littler handbags will clearly battle to accommodate. At 1.68kg, you’ll unquestionably feel it pulling on your shoulder as well, regardless of whether it’s not all that a very remarkable errand to drag around. Obviously, in case you’re in the wake of something for every day convenient use, I’d suggest an increasingly conservative model like that Spin 11.

The network is additionally shockingly constrained, taking into account how much space is accessible at the edges. To the extent USB ports go you just have double 3.0 associations, both housed on the left edge. This gets especially abnormal when you have to slap in a massive USB key and a mouse simultaneously (similarly as one arbitrary model). Furthermore, in case you’re seeking after a Type-C port, you’re blast stuck between a rock and a hard place. As some type of recovery, you do get an HDMI port, however, that is it. No microSD memory card openings or whatever else of note.

TouchPad and Keyboard

That noteworthy form quality, fortunately, reaches out to the PC’s console and touchpad, similarly as it did on the Chromebook 15. In case you’re after a reasonable machine for crushing out unlimited expositions, messages, and different bits, you truly can’t turn out badly.

For one, the console is basically totally estimated. The Chiclet game plan gives each key a lot of room to inhale, so typing by memory is an agreeable and instinctive experience. And keeping in mind that movement is constrained, the board feels reassuringly firm and keys spring up in a split second once hit.

Acer has figured out how to maintain a strategic distance from essentially the entirety of the typical torment focuses as well. For example, the cursor keys are really a better than average size and not packed in close by PgDn and PgUp keys, which are simply asking to be struck unintentionally. Similarly, the arrival key is skilled two lines, instead of crushed down into a solitary line. Beautiful stuff. You additionally get the standard column of Chrome easy routes up top, which fill in true to form (and by and by neglects to incorporate any devoted media controls).

Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14

Tragically there’s no backdrop illumination, which makes working in darker conditions very precarious, particularly in case you’re attempting to complete some work in bed without upsetting a resting accomplice. Other than that, it’s hard to track down any shortcomings here.

I’m additionally a fanatic of the open touchpad, which extends across the majority of the liberal palm rest. Indeed, even inconspicuous squeezes and swipes are precisely gotten by the smooth surface, while the cursor doesn’t go lurching over the Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. screen each time you push to click.


One of the overhauls over the essential passage level Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. is that Full HD show, which is unquestionably a delight to utilize. Whatever you’re doing, be it altering records or spilling a shameless piece of the TV when you should be working, those visuals remain entirely fresh. The difference is entirely fine for a spending board, so you can make out a lot of detail even on those dim Marvel shows. Hues are additionally very punchy. Simply don’t expect hyper authenticity.

Deceivability is never an issue with this PC either. Stunningly, Acer’s presentation pivot permits an entire 180-degrees of turn, so you can tilt that screen right back until it’s laid totally level. You’ll absolutely experience no difficulty finding an agreeable view. In like manner the matte surfacing assists with treating any glare, so you won’t be squinting through reflections on a bright day. Just immediate daylight demonstrated somewhat of a stumbler, as the presentation isn’t actually retina penetrating on top splendor levels. Some Chromebook shows contact perfect, which bodes well as the OS is fundamentally a side project of Android. Shockingly you don’t get any touch support here, so it’s similarly also that the touchpad is fair.


Underneath the Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. you’ll discover a couple of sound system speakers, which fire your sound straight into your work area, lap, or whatever else the gadget is sat on. Really standard for a spending PC, despite the fact that in any event, that sound is very incredible.

Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14

On top volume levels, I experienced no difficulty making out discourse in motion pictures or shows, in any event, when viewing in an uproarious domain. Just the frantic wailings of an upset three-year-old were sufficient to overcome that yield. True to form, in any case, the sound quality takes a jump on those high levels. For getting a charge out of music you’ll need to connect a few ‘telephones or a committed speaker.

Performance of ChromeBook

Like essentially every other Chromebook out there, outside of confusingly premium models, for example, Google’s own Pixelbook, Acer’s 14-inch gadget packs some low-fueled specs. All things considered, Chrome OS is quite light with regards to assets, so you needn’t bother with many snorts for smooth outcomes. The Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. packs an Intel Celeron N3160 chipset, upheld by 4GB of memory.

That demonstrated totally fine generally when running Android applications and playing with a lot of tabs in Chrome. I saw the intermittent little stammer to a great extent with regular use, albeit nothing excessively inconvenient. All things considered, the Chromebook had one absolute emergency where the entirety of my applications all the while smashed and shut down. Fortunately, the PC recuperated quickly and I didn’t see an encore. Obviously, restarting everything was a significant torment in the back.

Battery Life of ChromeBook

One of the principal advantages of Chromebooks is for the most part reliable battery life. Google’s undemanding OS and the low-controlled parts are an aid for life span, despite the fact that not these workstations satisfy hopes. Fortunately Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. is one of the better gadgets for battery execution.

Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14

With blended-use, I discovered I could get a full working day of life from a solitary charge, no issues. That remembers working for the Chrome program while additionally talking on Skype and gushing music by means of Spotify. You can stream Netflix for a strong nine to ten hours before the battery bites the dust. That battery marker ticked down a little more than 10 percent consistently, as solid as perfect timing.

Buy or Not

The Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. is a lot of a run of the mill Chrome OS PC in many regards. Fundamental execution supplements the low requests of Google’s working system, while likewise boosting the battery life. Nonetheless, Acer’s Laptops additionally offers very smooth and reassuringly strong development at a spending cost, while that HD screen is not too bad at the asking cost. Ease of use gets approval as well, in spite of the absence of a touchscreen. It’s not all roses and slaps on the back, nonetheless. Availability is shockingly restricted, while anybody after a genuinely convenient Chromebook for taking out and about every day should look to progressively smaller and lighter adversaries.

Final Conclusion about ChromeBOok

Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14

It’s not especially conservative and availability is powerless, yet the Acer Chromebook Laptops Chrome OS 14. conveys solid battery life, sharp visuals, and great convenience at an honorably minimal effort.